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Side Limb Inclined Manometer Inclined Manometer U Tube
Side Limb Manometer Inclined Manometer Inclined Manometer U Tube Manometer
Side Limb Manometer
Single Limb Well Type Direct Reading Manometer for the Precision measurement of pressure, vacuum, differential pressure flow and liquid level measurement. The well type single limb manometer is accurate & dependable as well as highly versatile for many applications. The Manometer is available as either single tube or multiple tubes. All scales are graduated to correct for the drop in the well level.
Range : 0 -3000 mm
U Limb Manometer

U-Tube type Primary Standard Manometer used for precision measurement of pressure, vaccum, differential pressure, and flow measurement in plants and labs where certain accuracy is required. Available in in wall mounted & stand mounted.
Range : 100-0-100 WC/HG to 3000-0-3000 mm WC.

Inclined Manometer

Inclined Tube Manometer utilize expanded scales for unusual sensitivity for fast, easy reading of low pressures, draft of small differential pressure. They are available in simple Standard Models as well as extreme precision inclined Manometer.
Range : -5 to +5, -20 to +20, -1 to +5,+10,+15,+25 mm, 0 to 25,50 mm